Containership Marketing

Project Overview
Containership had an amazing product, now we needed a way to showcase all of our incredible features in an equally exciting format. The site needed to be able to be updated frequently and provide clear messaging around our offering. Additionally, there was a need for us to have a clear and consistent message whenever we engaged with someone.
My Contributions
I worked directly with the front-end team to create the reusable content blocks that would in turn be used to create entire pages. I designed the wireframes, visual imagery, and planned the content for the entire site. I took the style we generated and applied it across all of our digital mediums including advertising and product marketing.
Containership Website is completely driven by a CMS so anything can be updated without having to make any pull requests in Git. This was important because while I do have experience using Git, sometimes quick updates were needed that couldn't wait for a peer review. Each section was a block, these blocks could be used to make up entirely new pages or customized to highlight new key features.
I designed the animated globe to highlight the key locations from our existing providers. The goal of the site was to convert visitors into signing up, and we did that by instilling trust through the use of known logos from our providers, clear messaging about our SLA's, and actual screenshots of our product to show how intuitive and robust it was.
We were very deliberate in the information we shared and wanted to be as open and clear throughout our website to reduce any confusion. The product page breaks down the features within Containership cloud, and the pricing page has a very clear matrix of what each tier consists of, and how much you are paying for everything.
Containership Advertising + Blogs
I designed and created multiple advertising campaigns that ran across Google AdWords, Bing, and Twitter. The goal of these ads were typically to get our name out and convince people to sign up for Containership, or to let them know of our new features.
Additionally, I was able to design all of our blog imagery to create consistent on-brand messaging. This was a unique way to get our brand out there and help attract new readers to the blog.
Containership Product Marketing
I was tasked with designing all of our sales collateral as well as any sort of decks that would be presented to investors or interested partners. It was important to create a compelling experience that would highlight our offerings.
Everything was themed so that when you saw two pieces side-by-side you knew you were looking at Containership. Whether it was the background of a conference booth, a handout, something you saw on twitter, or the website itself.

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