Project Overview
Burberry came to us with the need of a luxury app to match their brand, and they had an expedited timeline. They wanted a way to communicate directly with their consumers, provide them with updates, news, and inspiration all while having a seamless shopping experience.
My Contributions
I worked with the Burberry team and our app developers to ensure we had a pixel perfect design. I designed the initial MVP and design system that eventually became the Burberry app that you see today.
Component Library
We built out a component library that enabled us to rapidly create eCommerce applications on both iOS and Android. Each eCommerce flow has specific requirements that are required to build a full-fledged shopping experience, such as a product grid, product details page, shopping cart, and checkout. I analyzed dozens of shopping experiences and worked with our engineers to build out specific flows that could be easily customized.
Once these components were done we were able to reuse them across all of our apps and customize them to fit our clients branding and style. Additionally, this gave us more time to do more exciting implementations like real-time chat, iBeacon integrations, and rich storytelling experiences.
We started out by researching competitors and took a shot at trying to understand their target audience. This included visiting stores and talking to associates to understand what customers look for when shopping at Burberry. We then took our findings and started generating an app to showcase our companies capabilities, from rich engaging conversational commerce to micro moments and animations. We presented this experience on-site in London and the audience was floored. Someone even questioned “have they seen our initial wireframes?”
After that we brought Burberry back on-site to Pittsburgh to kick-off the MVP version of the app. By using our component library we took their wireframes and started to develop the initial app. This process was intense because of how quickly they needed it turned around it involved me, 6 developers, and a project manager hiding away in a room for two weeks to ensure quality and communication. With in those two weeks we generated an Android and iOS app MVP that had rich animations, compelling personalized content, and a frictionless shopping experience.
Burberry App
Burberry was extremely pleased with the initial MVP and we have continued to collaborate on the app to create the most compelling experience. They decided on starting with a soft-launch internally to test and receive feedback on the app. Since then we have added in more personalized content, localized languages, and continue to optimize the shopping flow.
We built the foundation for growth that Burberry continually uses to push out new features, new ideas, and push the edge of what's possible on a mobile application. They've done some really cool experimental things like direct one-on-one chat with a stylist, exclusive fashion reels, and even augmented reality.

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