Project Overview
Bossjock Jr. is a fully-functioning podcast recording studio that fits in your pocket. It's an iOS app that works on both iPhones and iPads and provides users with a fool proof way to record and share their podcasts without needing any additional tools.
My Contributions
I was brought in to help redesign the entire application. There was already an existing application out there that was falling short on user experience and needed to be redesigned to stay current with modern app experiences.
The Bossjock Experience
When creating a podcast, it's so important for everything to sound perfect. We wanted to give the user a way to make sure everything sounded crisp and precise. We needed to make it challenging for them to perform an action that would interrupt or mess up their recording. Not only did I get to ensure the Bossjock experience was up to snuff, I was able to rebrand the entire project.
The app is made up of a few different pieces, the recorder, sound visualizers, carts, and the final recording.
Bossjock Recording
Once a user begins recording they should have to purposefully try to make changes, whether they want to play a cart or finalize the process. Because of this, we wanted to make sure it was impossible for them to "fat finger" anything and gave everything the appropriate amount of space and make the user confirm before they leave the flow.
There were multiple micro-optimizations that went into ensuring the user always understood what was going on. I was able to demonstrate the different interactions through the use of high-fidelity prototypes using Principle.

For example recording button has a lock on it that shows that the mic on and always records, the carts have a countdown as well as visual cues to show they are playing, and the volume button has a dot to show you default positioning.
The Finished Product
After a user finalizes their recording and saves their podcast they are taken to a recording screen where they can listen to their entire podcast, add artwork, and even optimize the audio format.
If a user clicks on the play button to listen to their podcast an audio visualizer overlays it to show the current progress as well as the sound level. We added these to create an engaging product that users can share on social media and provide an interactive an exciting touch to the recording.

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